Children's Ministry

Our goal is to see children love God, love others and grow into disciple makers.

Imagine a place where your child feels accepted, loved, and can’t wait to come to church week after week…A place where kids learn to Love God  with worship music, reading God’s Word in the Bible, and prayer…A place where kids learn to Love Others by building meaningful relationships with the leaders and other children and serving together in our community…A place where kids learn to Make Disciples by inviting friends to church and special events, and being comfortable sharing their faith with others.  

That is what we strive for in our children’s ministry at Edinboro Community Church. We are here to partner with parents to bring their children up to Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples.


To help save time when you arrive to a service you can pre-register online so we are ready for you when you come by filling out the following form:

Children's Ministry Registration

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Nursery (Birth to 2 Years)
Younger Kids (3 - 5 Years)
Older Kids (6 - 9 Years)


All teachers are required to submit to a thorough background check and attend regular training. Our children's ministry building is kept secure during the worship services.  Each child is given a unique sticker each week to connect children with their parent/guardian for pick-up and as needed during your time here. Your family's safety is important to us!