Current Series

...For Today

How do we handle conflict? How do we make wise decisions? What’s the right thing to say at the right time? The book of James gives us insight to all this and more.

Let's Go

"Let's Go" takes us through the book of Mark.

The Story Begins

Where did everything begin? Why are things the way they are? Is there any hope for change? This series answers all these questions as we go through the book of Genesis. 

The Promise of Hope

Isaiah shares the message of hope for forgiveness and restoration through the promise of Jesus.

Know, Speak, Teach Life

What is life all about? How do we define life? Where do we go to find these answers? How do we talk to others about Jesus in an encouraging way? How do we equip and walk with others as we grow in faith? This fall we are looking at those questions and more as we study what life is all about!

Messes and Masterpieces

Focusing on our identity in Christ even when we sin, mess up and get broken is crucial to living out our faith and impacting others with the Gospel.